Wednesday, October 17, 2007


i muse
i think
i try to laugh
but things aren't pretty,
everything is beautiful,
there is a flower,
there is a bee,
there is love,
there is a person.
What can we give?
what can we take?
where are the lines?
the world is one as anyone can see.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

something after a while here

a second white lane,
down the memory lane,
busy buzzing bridges,
and the past high frills.

i was here once
and never heard again.
It seems eons past
and ions short.
It took me a day to see the pain
and years to drown it again.
It has been in vain
that i trained
but now that i am here again
i feel that it was worth the while.

Its the same old building
the same old lane,
it is as white as it was
never over come by age.
It took a lot of paint,
a little of silt.
It seems life is too much
and i am here in this lane.

Friday, May 11, 2007

between us friends

sa re ga ma paaa paaa da da paaa ma ma paaa da ne saaa sa ne da pa sa ne da pa ma ga re sa.....

it is a small world they say
it is a huge world i see.
it is a world of good and bad,
all that we feel is sad,
but when with friends,
it all gets smashed..........

oh,here we are so close
so dear to one and all,
in the is la petite world
here we wake from the dose
and feel away from remorse
among the people who have
life,with a big smile and a hug,
we chat and write like all
among us,it is between us,
the friends.we the
people of great minds,
it is among us the friends.

sa re ga ma pa....

what voices speak,
what we share in common
oh,la in this small space
the we live, life is full of fun.
It is for the sake of joy
it is what we are.
we cook from our cauldrons
everything so modern.
it is among us,it is between
us the friends.

da ne sa.......

in the noon till mid night
singing and dacing
all through day light
oh,yonder we swing
here and there,it
is for all thats between us,
among us the friends.

sa ne da pa ma...

everyone is special
everyone is with views
everything we share is a little clue.
everywhere we go,we shall spread,
we are the minds which think alike
we all have a heart and mind
that we share with everyone alike.

it is never too late,
lets be together for ever
come lets stay and share
for it is with us ,let us inspire
and create a world,let us
be united in mission and come
let the world see us as one.
sa ne da pa sa ne da pa.....
ma ga re sa.......

Monday, May 7, 2007

midnight summer dreams

in the midnight of summer dreams
there is a voice within that screams.
a little angle that talks in mee......

in the midnight of summer dreams
there is a little love inside of me,
verses of songs and tunes of dances
ta ta ta ta t ta ta ,ta ta ta ta ta ta
in the midnight of summer dreams
there is a little angle in front of me
oh lal al a a ala al alala,a small and
wonderful thing,a little inside me,
oh al ittle angle in front of me.
chatters and brickers
of better little things...
speaks a little of my deepest dreams..

oh!in the midnight of summer dreams
there is a little angle in front of me.

from the depth inside me,it
speaks a little of my dreams.
the lost love and the hard past
all a little carribean dream....
in the gold coast a happy journey
in the hot east the gorgeous feasts....

oh!la lala la,in the midnight of summer dreams
in the deserts full of desserts,
the land of chocolates and creams
like a child in the mid of summer,
it is a mid night summer dream.

oh!lovely idols in my dreams...
they were all one for me...
the clouds that speak
and the trees that peak
in the midnight of my summer dream.

the waves that lash and seas that flash
all deep inside of me,the mid flight
of a bird,in the midnight of
summer dreams.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....the horses and seals
past the bears and rhinos in me....
oh!the tall giraffe ,the whales
and sharks and beautiful parks..
in the midst of my midnight dream.

shining light and bubbling bays
in the land of sun and sea.
a little hot coffee and a pot of
tea...oh la la la lala la!in the midst of
my dreams...the heart of my midnight
summer dreams.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

sudden rage bursts,

the open spaces fill with the heat,

the time is too less for me to see,

that far, the heat cheats me

into defeat!i surrender without

any war.The heat is too hot

for me, i fall , i melt,i try to cheat

and get beaten for.Water ,water

where are you,the hell is let loose,

the wealth is too much for my

health,i try to split apart

but the rage is too hard.

The mirror shows a devil

i see myself,i try to break it

but it is too hard,oh! help this

heat is too much,some one save

me from this heat,i cry,yet the

devil is too strong ,i try to tear

apart,the heat caught me again and

i die in hell a lot of pain,one last

try i try to split apart,but

the rage and heat are too hard.

Monday, April 9, 2007


call this whatever you want..just a lille stuff which felt like putting...feel free to say whatever you want,you r atleast takin the time to read this blabber..

A life in the garden,
a man strolls through the park,
purity and inheritance befell him.
chains clung heart dry with pain felt him.

Breaking shadows beat
me apart
stung with hate and belted hard
my heart wants a life in this garden
a life in this garden,the garden of life.

wake up wake up the someday has come
no more remose needs life,
wake up wake up and walk past life;
ride up ride up and punk high;
no life, no blood,no pain-all
illusions befalling you, rise up rise up
and touch the sky,life not a walk
in the park,effort of blood churn it apart.

Can this all be a mystery
of life,
blood,hate,pain kick me hard;
where is the love once deep in my heart?
Can this all be a nightmarish walk?

feel me hard,think deep n far
into me-your heart.I speak to
reveal you and your cultured height,
wake up,wake up and feel me hard.
Time and tide keep you apart from
the lap of your of your beloved's life-wish
hard!Pray hard!wake up!wake up!
time is spliting apart.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

there is a game called life..

there is a game called life...what are the stakes??


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